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Sandy is a coming…..

We are in a rental car heading back to Oriental NC where we had left Old Glo for the week to go back to Ohio for business.  We have been watching the weather reports on TV just like everyone else and are happy to be heading back to the boat before any of the storm makes it up the coast.  We have about 175 miles to go and the rain is starting to come down.  The good news is that we should have at least one day to prepare for what winds and surge we may get.  Eddie will be securing sails, doubling up on the lines and figuring out what to do with 3 Sheets (our dinghy).  We have provisioned and will be ready by the end of the day tomorrow for what it is we may have coming.  Hopefully not much.  I will keep you updated and hope all of our friends and family are in safe harbors.

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Salt on that please?

Salt on that please?

The salt from the spray is really unbelievable. I had no idea since I have been a fresh water girl but it truly just coats everything. This pic was taken on the Atlantic ocean when we got caught in a mild storm that came really out of no where. Old Glo did well though!

We had a helping hand with us for the Sandy Hook NJ to Annapolis MD leg of the trip! It took four days for that piece and we hit the Atlantic, Cape May Canal, Deleware Bay, C&D canal and the Chesapeake Bay. Whew.


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Getting ready!

We are preparing to leave Long Island this Sunday and are going to meet a dear friend from Edgewater at Sandy Hook.  We are going to leave on Monday for Atlantic City and the only thing we are betting on is good weather (hopefully).  We have spent the last couple of weeks ordering the safety items like jacklines, harnesses, a new handheld VHF and ditchbag.  Sounds dire but it is not.  I promise.  We have read all of of the things possible that I can find about the journey and it is pretty exciting.  I have never been on the ocean.  We bought Bonine for me yesterday just in case the ocean is not my friend – I am more interested to see if the ocean is the dog’s friend.

Our stay in LI has been fabulous- the people have been very nice and I will always have great memories of this place.  Taking the dinghy out every night to investigate the places you could never see by car or foot has been so fun.  And Louie’s – a softspot for me but I am ready to roll.  Eddie and I have wanderlust.  Got to keep the moss (or in this case the mollusks and other gross sea stuff) from growing (on the bottom of our boat).

Will post more and pics soon!

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We are counting down the days until we leave to start the second leg of our journey.  The plan is to head out this Saturday from Long Island to Sandy Hook NJ.  Our good friend Rick will be joining us at that point and on Monday we will have our first venture in the Atlantic Ocean traveling first to Atlantic City, NJ then onward the next day to Cape May.  I will have lots of pictures and feel free to check us out of Facebook at Old Glory Travels.


Swan wants a ride in the dinghey.

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Situated in Manhasset Bay

We have completed the journey through the canal and through the Hudson river and have traveled over 500 miles to get to Manhasset Bay in Long Island NY.  The trip has been incredible and the sights and weather (at least while we have been underway) were truly spectacular.  I had imagined seeing the Statue of Liberty and the Empire state building from the water but really didn’t think of the impact it would have on me going under the George Washington Bridge instead of over it like we had so many times by car.  Check out some pictures and enjoy!

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Doing West Point

Wow- I am finding time flies.  People think that sailboats are like snails.  I just wish I could slow this trip down.  At this point we are sitting at a dock in Tarrytown NY.  Thus far we have motored the 300+ mile canal run (and quite frankly for us it was a run), rejoined with our mast in Catskill NY, and we are on the Hudson river and only 50 miles from the Statue of Liberty.  It is our goal if the weather holds to make Port Washington NY (Long Island) tomorrow.  That is where we are going to lay up for about a month waiting for the hurricane season to end.  We have seen and done so much that I could fill a page.  But I will spare you – here are my absolute favorites…….

The flight of five in Waterford, NY was phenom.  Imagine being above the treetops in your boat and in less than two miles and five locks later our hull is down on the same ground with the rest of the people in Waterford.  And bragging rights- oh yeah- this locking system is the highest lift system in the world!  Who would have thought this dock poodle (we liked that term Rick) Old Glory would get to do something like that?

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And today- seeing West Point Academy from the water was really over the top.  Eddie raised the flag that was simply a wonderful bon voyage present from a favorite couple of ours at Edgewater Yacht club.  Notice in the pictures it says “76” from the bicentential which is the same year Old Glory was made.  Very cool.

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I was never a good geography student and even a worse planner.  People would ask me how we were getting to Charleston and I had a vague notion and left the map stuff to Ed.  I am getting a quick lesson and what a great lesson it is.  The Erie Canal is 340.7 miles long and tonight we sit at mile 257.5 in Little Falls NY.  I had no idea that a large portion of the canal is not really man made but made up of rivers and the Cross and Oneida lake which we crossed today.  Gorgeous.  The other think you notice on the canal is how much people really love the canal and use it.  Small power boats skiing, fishing, cruising and convening for a party.  It is great to see.  The locks range from 6 feet to 40.7 and tomorrow first thing in the morning we are going to tackle the big one.  We have a system for the locks now that seems to be working pretty well.  Ed pulls up port I grab a stern line – he comes out of the pilot house secures that line and I go a grab a bow.  On no wind days this is working perfectly.  We did have to stay in Newark NY longer than expected due to 25 knot steadies and 42 knots gusting.  As you all know who are reading this blog- Old Glo has a built in sail with her pilot house.  I still wouldn’t trade it for the world.  While coming into Tonawanda we were drinking coffee dry as a bone while the other sailors were wet and glaring.

We are going to try to make Schenectady tomorrow and pass Troy on Tuesday to grab our mast and get to know the Hudson river.  I am excited to keep moving forward but I fell in love with the canal and really hope to get to do it again and spend some time in these cool little ports.  Maybe someday when we have seen and done all we want to do we will be back on the canal – who knows?

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So here is Saturday September 1st and I cannot believe we have been at this a week-  time does sure fly.  Today we are heading to Syracuse from Newark NY which is a run of about 55 miles.  We really need to put more miles under us than that if we are going to be in Troy NY on Tuesday to have the mast out back on but we will do what we can considering.  Yesterday although a beautiful day we ended up stuck at Newport due to the heavy winds.  Although the canal is very protected and wind not really an issue the locks can be a bit of a different deal.  And although we saw people doing the locks I just didn’t feel comfortable trying to hold a 38K boat with a high pilothouse on or off a wall with 42 knot gusts.

Today is a much better day- no wind and beautiful so it should make crossing Cross Lake a breeze.

Here is where we have been so far….

Monday Tonawanda waiting to get mast pulled

Tuesday Mast pulled and off to Gasport 24 miles (it was late when we left)

Wednesday to Brockport to meet our good friend Joe 35 miles

Thursday to Newark 52 miles

Friday Stuck


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Hello world!

OK-  I tried blogging with a product by Go Daddy and it wasn’t uploading my pics and posts correctly.  I did not forget to update my blog and since I am new at it I hope you are sticking with me.  I have lots of great photos and hopefully some great stories to share but I am going to have to backtrack a bit!

But what a better way to start than with the Bon Voyage Party at the Pavilion?

What a wonderful time-