Posted by: oldglorytravels | September 2, 2012

So here is Saturday September 1st and I cannot believe we have been at this a week-  time does sure fly.  Today we are heading to Syracuse from Newark NY which is a run of about 55 miles.  We really need to put more miles under us than that if we are going to be in Troy NY on Tuesday to have the mast out back on but we will do what we can considering.  Yesterday although a beautiful day we ended up stuck at Newport due to the heavy winds.  Although the canal is very protected and wind not really an issue the locks can be a bit of a different deal.  And although we saw people doing the locks I just didn’t feel comfortable trying to hold a 38K boat with a high pilothouse on or off a wall with 42 knot gusts.

Today is a much better day- no wind and beautiful so it should make crossing Cross Lake a breeze.

Here is where we have been so far….

Monday Tonawanda waiting to get mast pulled

Tuesday Mast pulled and off to Gasport 24 miles (it was late when we left)

Wednesday to Brockport to meet our good friend Joe 35 miles

Thursday to Newark 52 miles

Friday Stuck



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