Posted by: oldglorytravels | September 3, 2012

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I was never a good geography student and even a worse planner.  People would ask me how we were getting to Charleston and I had a vague notion and left the map stuff to Ed.  I am getting a quick lesson and what a great lesson it is.  The Erie Canal is 340.7 miles long and tonight we sit at mile 257.5 in Little Falls NY.  I had no idea that a large portion of the canal is not really man made but made up of rivers and the Cross and Oneida lake which we crossed today.  Gorgeous.  The other think you notice on the canal is how much people really love the canal and use it.  Small power boats skiing, fishing, cruising and convening for a party.  It is great to see.  The locks range from 6 feet to 40.7 and tomorrow first thing in the morning we are going to tackle the big one.  We have a system for the locks now that seems to be working pretty well.  Ed pulls up port I grab a stern line – he comes out of the pilot house secures that line and I go a grab a bow.  On no wind days this is working perfectly.  We did have to stay in Newark NY longer than expected due to 25 knot steadies and 42 knots gusting.  As you all know who are reading this blog- Old Glo has a built in sail with her pilot house.  I still wouldn’t trade it for the world.  While coming into Tonawanda we were drinking coffee dry as a bone while the other sailors were wet and glaring.

We are going to try to make Schenectady tomorrow and pass Troy on Tuesday to grab our mast and get to know the Hudson river.  I am excited to keep moving forward but I fell in love with the canal and really hope to get to do it again and spend some time in these cool little ports.  Maybe someday when we have seen and done all we want to do we will be back on the canal – who knows?



  1. You got Word Press! It looks great! And you also seem to have constant Internet, which I’m jealous of. I’ve only had it through the cell since Brockport. No updates on our blog. : ( Wow, you guys are flying through! And here I thought I’d be able to bake some banana bread today and give you the second loaf, but you’ll be waay ahead of us! Enjoy your travels, it sounds like you’re having a great time. And probably staying bone dry in your pilot house while us other sailors get soaked. : )

  2. Have you guys seen the barge boats on the canal? The and I did this with Carol and Dave Roob several years ago leaving from Skaneatles, NY.

    • We have! We actually chartered one of those barges two years ago. What a hoot. I loved the canal and actually had seen some of the pictures that Roob’s had taken. Fun.

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