Posted by: oldglorytravels | September 8, 2012

Doing West Point

Wow- I am finding time flies.  People think that sailboats are like snails.  I just wish I could slow this trip down.  At this point we are sitting at a dock in Tarrytown NY.  Thus far we have motored the 300+ mile canal run (and quite frankly for us it was a run), rejoined with our mast in Catskill NY, and we are on the Hudson river and only 50 miles from the Statue of Liberty.  It is our goal if the weather holds to make Port Washington NY (Long Island) tomorrow.  That is where we are going to lay up for about a month waiting for the hurricane season to end.  We have seen and done so much that I could fill a page.  But I will spare you – here are my absolute favorites…….

The flight of five in Waterford, NY was phenom.  Imagine being above the treetops in your boat and in less than two miles and five locks later our hull is down on the same ground with the rest of the people in Waterford.  And bragging rights- oh yeah- this locking system is the highest lift system in the world!  Who would have thought this dock poodle (we liked that term Rick) Old Glory would get to do something like that?

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And today- seeing West Point Academy from the water was really over the top.  Eddie raised the flag that was simply a wonderful bon voyage present from a favorite couple of ours at Edgewater Yacht club.  Notice in the pictures it says “76” from the bicentential which is the same year Old Glory was made.  Very cool.


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