Posted by: oldglorytravels | September 27, 2012

Getting ready!

We are preparing to leave Long Island this Sunday and are going to meet a dear friend from Edgewater at Sandy Hook.  We are going to leave on Monday for Atlantic City and the only thing we are betting on is good weather (hopefully).  We have spent the last couple of weeks ordering the safety items like jacklines, harnesses, a new handheld VHF and ditchbag.  Sounds dire but it is not.  I promise.  We have read all of of the things possible that I can find about the journey and it is pretty exciting.  I have never been on the ocean.  We bought Bonine for me yesterday just in case the ocean is not my friend – I am more interested to see if the ocean is the dog’s friend.

Our stay in LI has been fabulous- the people have been very nice and I will always have great memories of this place.  Taking the dinghy out every night to investigate the places you could never see by car or foot has been so fun.  And Louie’s – a softspot for me but I am ready to roll.  Eddie and I have wanderlust.  Got to keep the moss (or in this case the mollusks and other gross sea stuff) from growing (on the bottom of our boat).

Will post more and pics soon!


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